Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Offical FO blog posting starts January 1st

The hordes of people (okay, three) who have visited my blog have asked me when I'm actually going to start posting to the site. I know the cuteness of the three dogs, while highly adorable, will only entertain for so long. I'm actually not starting blog postings until January. After January (probably around March) I plan to really suck at keeping this blog updated. It's just my nature. I really just created a blogger profile so I could comment on other people's blogs. But once I did I thought how nice it would be to join the online knitting community. Since I'm the only person I know who knits (as in, fanatically knits) knitting conversations can be a bit one-sided at my house (ie: talking to myself).

Why January? A few reasons:

1) I think it's going to take me that long to figure out how to get a freaking image in my "three dog knits" header.

2) I started knitting in January 2006, so I'll start blogging when I've officially knit for a year. This is a poetic symbolism only appreciated by me, I know. But also I'll be able to list all my 2006 projects, then start refreshed in 2007.

3) Most of what I've been knitting are Christmas gifts, and I can't post them until after the recipients have seen them. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, because how would my friends and family even find this blog if they didn't know I had one? Well...I was so proud of my oh-so-cute Three Dog Knits title, that I blabbed my URL to them.

See you in January!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

No official post yet...

For now... a cute photo of my dogs.