Friday, January 12, 2007

Socks That Rock! vs. Bank That Sucks

I have a little secret to share: people in Florida don't wear socks (outdoors; what people wear indoors is their own business). That is, people who live in Florida and wear socks are often looked upon by non-sock wearers as crackpots or goofballs, or at the very least "people who are oblivious to where they live and OMG don't they know what can grow on the feet of sock wearers in this freaking swamp?!" But as a knitter, there are few knitting joys as satisfying to me as turning a heel. And buying a hank of hand-painted sock yarn is so much more affordable than buying hand-painted yarn for a whole sweater. And gosh I never get to wear sweaters, either. And sock yarn is so, so pretty.

So logically, rationally, reasonably, I plunked down a bunch of cash to join the Socks That Rock! Rockin' Socks Club, to buy a bunch of yarn I've never used before in order to make socks I'll hardly get to wear. Yes, I plan to keep them all for myself! I will wear them with pride and ignore the worried stares of my non-sock wearing neighbors, at least through March, when it gets too hot outside. I joined because I love sock yarn. I have a theory that knowing I have sock yarn arriving every other month might curtail my sock yarn buying habit for awhile. I've heard great things about the company, Blue Moon Fiber Arts and their yarn. But I really joined because I wanted to be in a club called the Rockin' Socks Club. How cool is that?!

I got my "Bank Error Please Read" email a couple days ago. Needless to say I was stunned. May the suits at the bank who caused the Blue Moon STR! shut-down one day have someone in their lives who knits so they may know the joy of wearing handmade socks. I won't recap the long story; it has spread all through blogland by now, especially here and here. But now I really feel like part of the knitting community, because not only do I belong to a club called the Rockin' Socks Club, but a bank had the audacity to shut it down! Thanks, mystery bank!

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sean said...

i'm making wool socks for myself too dang it! let those flip-flop wearing freaks (i.e. me) say something about it! ;) (What I REALLY want is flip-flop socks! ;-))