Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hey wait! It's still February!

I had plans, big plans I tell ya, for Fair Isle February. I really want to make the Tropical Garden Vest from Knit 2 Together.

I've been flip-flopping between making the vest or reducing my stash all month. In the end stash reduction won. After all, there are plenty of small stranded projects I can do with what I already have. Plus I have to admit I am not 100% happy yet with my mad stranded skillz. I've done a couple of small projects and so far I haven't mastered the art of even stranded knitting. Everything comes out kind of lumpy. But my Fair Isle February project, a Bea Ellis traditional hat in Dale of Norway Heilo is my most even yet. The snowflakes aren't lumpy at all!

The hat has been gift-wrapped and sent up north to a friend. I'll start the Tropical Garden Vest (sort of a tropical inspired Fair Isle pattern more appropriate for Florida than a snowflake hat) soon. I've put it at the end of the queue, after a few more pairs of socks and a cable vest I already have the yarn for. Does the list get longer and longer for all knitters?!


Christy said...

Pretty hat (and nice flat snowflakes)
The list definitely keeps on growing. If I wrote all my intended projects out right now, I know that it would look completely ridiculous

Debby said...

Saw your post on another blog about Chocolate Fantasy Duet yarn. It is available at
Sorry to post it in comments but could not find your email.

Sean said...

i bow to your mad fair isle skillz!!! i LOVE the snowflakes, you did a GORGEOUS job!!!! i'm starting my first fair isle number very sooN!!! :)

Phoebe said...

Saw your post on the Rockin Sock blog and Blossomknits...I'm also a club member and got my kit on Monday. LOVE it! We should definitely organize a Rockin Sock outing when everyone has their kit.