Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Above and beyond

I'm new to the whole blogging thing, but I gotta tell you I'm starting to really like being a part of the knitting/blogging world. Last week I was chosen as one of the winners of Alyson's The YoYo Knits blogaversary contest. Pretty cool, I thought. I've never won a skein of yarn before.

Now, I knew I had won a skein of something, and I secretly expected that I'd get a little chocolate, too (it seems there is an unwritten rule amongst knit bloggers: chocolate must accompany yarn packages). But I never expected this:

Oh wait, let me show you:

Herbacin hand lotion, a yummy grapefruit and ginger candle, a really pretty list pad and a package of really cool notecards and repurposed envelopes from Fake Forest. The envelopes are made from vintage magazine ads.

And then, two skeins of Silky Wool. I've never used Silky Wool but have been wanting to try it.

And (begin angelic music now):

A skein of sock yarn from Yarn Ahoy, colorway "Shores of Andaman". You're right, Alyson, I love spring colors! How did you know? This is the softest sock yarn I have ever seen. I can't wait to knit with it!

Thank you Alyson! I had no idea what you were sending, but this is above and beyond what I was expecting. Gosh I love being part of the knit love.

PS: Yes, there was chocolate. Choxie, in fact. But most of it wasn't around long enough to photograph.


Alyson said...

Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! Had I remembered to put the card in the package (grr), it would have referenced how that is my A #1 most favorite hand cream, and I get it at Anthropologie, although I'm sure other places carry it...

And we're lucky the chocolate hung around even long enough to make it into the box. I was packing stuff up and I turned around to say something to Travis and he was frantically stuffing chocolates in his mouth! Sneak!! (Fortunately, I had bought an extra box just in case that happened. I think about these things. And, you know, I knew I would have to try them out first and make sure they weren't awful, right? I mean, I wouldn't want to give lousy chocolate as a prize! Right??)

Heddy said...

WOW!! really nice stuff! and all for simply posting something on Alyson's blog! What a great person, eh?

Opal said...

Ohh! Sweet swag! Congratulations on your win.

a blossom knits said...

Holy crap . . aren't you the lucky girl?!?!!? I can't wait to hear how the two different yarns knit up for you. I love the Spring colors of that one from Yarn Ahoy . . but . . imagine the possibilities with that silky wool in the neutral color!! You can either use it by itself (which is wonderful anyways) but you could also combine it with something to make a super soft item. Please post what you decide to do with these. :)

Laura said...

Wow what a beautiful and thoughtful package. I know! Maybe you should have a contest for the 5th comment today and they would win the yarn, oh and the chocolate!
I kid. I am new to the blogging thing too and I love the community that is offered through it as well. Enjoy that wonderful package.

Phoebe said...

I've always wanted to use Silky Wool too and that Yarn Ahoy is scrumptious. Can't wait to see what the skeins become!

Ann K. said...

Wonderful, WONDERFUL goodies! Can't wait to see what you make out of the silky wool! Take a picture of it surrounded by chocolate! LOL! At the very least.. be eating chocolate when you're knitting... :)