Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My New Years Resolutions

Every year, in addition to my regular New Years resolutions, I always resolve to do one thing I've never done before. For instance, a few years ago one of my more adventurous resolutions was to fly a plane. I took a one day private lesson. Last year I decided to learn to knit. While not as exhilerating as flying a plane, it had the unintended result of unleashing a monster of a hobby. This year my big goal is to travel somewhere I've never been. For various reasons I need to see some new scenery this year. So here it is.. my list.

I resolve, in 2007:

1. To be more organized. House, car, time, exercise, finances. Everything.

2. To read Ulysses. I've always wanted to. If I read it this year, maybe it will make up for all the books I didn't read last year, as I was too busy knitting.

3. To make multiple batches of Christmas cookies next year and distribute them to friend and neighbors. To no longer wait until Christmas Eve, make two batches of cookies, realize two batches is not enough to distribute to everyone and proceed to eat all the cookies.

4. To only buy yarn for a pre-determined specific project. Not just because I think the yarn is pretty. Or because the irrational fear creeps over me that if I don't buy this yarn now, I will never, ever, ever have the opportunity to buy this particular yarn again and my life will be ruined.

5. Resolution #4 does not apply if the yarn is sock yarn. One can buy sock yarn and keep it forever or until one finds the perfect pattern to go with said yarn. Plus, sock yarn is so tiny it's easy to store. You all know what I'm talking about. (By you all I mean the three people who have checked out my blog so far.)

6. To take good looking photographs of my FO's. Not like the crap photos I've taken so far.

7. To travel to a place I've never been before. I've been in a travel rut the past two years. The only (airquote)vacations(/airquote) I've taken were to my home town (Indianapolis). I put vacation in imaginary airquotes because I bring my laptop with me so I can get some work done. This year will be different. I'm thinking Vermont. Or Paris. Why not? Think big I say.

8. To knit my first sweater.

9. To go to my first sheep and wool show. And guess what?! There's one in Vermont!


Anonymous said...

Visiting your blog is like a pleasant visit. And if you hadn't posted pix of your FOs I'd never have imagined how beautiful everything turned out. You speak so self-depricatingly of your efforts, but the stuff here is so cool!
Hi to the pups!

Anonymous said...

Ulysses is so hard, unless you are an expert in shakespeare and the bible and the Odyssey. Have you read War and Peace? It's truly satisfying and has a striaght linear path.

nice blog.