Monday, May 14, 2007

Got my mojo working.

After a month of knitting, frogging, knitting, frogging... you get the idea... I finally have my knitting mojo back. I finished the pair I'm about to show you late last week. Since then I've been in a frenzy of knitting, matching my yarn stash to patterns I like, and dreaming of future projects. I'm back, baby!!

The smoke has cleared, for now. I think St. Petersburg might get a little more smoke from the fires, but hopefully nothing like last Friday (pictures in my previous post). That day we had the worst air quality on record for St. Pete. It was like being trapped in an unventilated smoky bar - all day. It was nasty. Sunday, finally, we could see blue skies.

In the last post I promised you a finished object, some WIPs and the most awesome stitch markers - ever! Here we go...

Let's start with the most awesome stitch markers. The photo and thanks are long overdue; Sean made these and gave them to me weeks ago. But because of my knitting malaise I haven't been keeping up with the blog. So without further ado:

The photo is a little blurry (no macro lens) but its the best I've been able to do with my camera. Aren't these the most perfect stitch markers for me? Little dog stitch markers (and a tiny sock keychain)! Thank you, thank you, Sean! I love them so much. Right now he's selling them at Needles & Knobs in St. Pete, but I hope he makes them available online, too. Maybe if you visit his blog and ask him, he'll sell you some.

Finally... drum roll, please, my first knitting photo in a month. I made these for Mom for Mother's Day. Ahhh, she gave me life and I give her socks:

Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt from IK's Favorite Socks. I used Louet Gems in Aqua. I am becoming a huge fan of Louet Gems, the colors are gorgeous. As for the sock pattern: if I made them again there are things I'd do differently. I tend to knit from patterns just as they're written. I must have been a lemming in a past life. So when the pattern said to do two rows before joining in the round I thought, well, must be part of the design. Now I have a notch at the top of each sock (and not in the back where you think they'd be. They're on the side.). When it said to cut the yarn after turning the heel, I thought, well, there must be a reason, and off the cliff I went. Twice, because I wanted the socks to match perfectly. Live and learn. I think she'll like them: she likes this color and I think the leaves are sunny and spring-like.

This weekend I started two new pairs.

I started my first pair of Jaywalkers - a right of passage for knitters. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in Life's a Beach. I bought this yarn when I was in a particularly sunny mood (I get all crazy for bright colors maybe once a year). The colors may be a bit too strong for me, but I hope it'll make for an interesting sock. These may end up being gifted or at least saved for my next bright color day.

The next day I started this sock:

This funny looking thing is the Child's First Sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. This is my first Nancy Bush sock, even though I have three of her books. I wouldn't have thought about knitting this particular sock because the photo in the book isn't very appealing. Then I saw the socks made by Christy and Terhi (both of these ladies are always working on amazing stuff) and I knew I had to make them. As you can see, this sock is progressing faster than the Jaywalkers. I love this pattern; every so often the pattern changes so I never get bored. I love this yarn (J Knits Supersock, color Indiana), I love the way it's knitting up; from what little I can try on so far the sock already feels as comfortable as my favorite pair of jeans, even with the 25% nylon content. Love. It.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh...the colors on the Jaywalker socks are beautiful!

Laura said...

All of those socks look awesome. You are right the Jaywalkers do seem to be a right of passage I am going to have to do them soon I see them everywhere. So glad your mojo is back.

p.s. Tell Betty Max posted today just in case she is interested :)

a blossom knits said...

Oh my god you finished your mom's socks and they look absolutely amazing!! I am serious, they look too perfect. I am speechless here. I can't believe it. I hope I see them in person before you give them to her!!

And you now have shown me a must-have . . . I love that CTH colorway!!!!

UGH!!! Between you and Phoebe I'm gonna go bankrupt!!

Christy said...

Thanks for the love ;)
Isn't that Little Child's Socks pattern addicting? They were my fastest pair of socks.
Your Embossed Leaves are lovely too. I agree about the weirdness in that pattern. It's great overall, but those two things make no sense.

KBlicious said...

yay for knitter mojo!!!! maybe some of yours will rub off on me because me? yeah, still funk! the mother's day socks came out GORGEOUS!!!! (mine don't exist) i MUST try that gems stuff! thank you for your kind words!!! i'm so glad you love them!!!! :-D

Laura said...

Me again, I tagged you on my blog hope that was okay.

Opal said...

What beautiful socks! I really like the way the Embossed Leaves turned out. Your Mom must be so thrilled.

Phoebe said...

Glad to hear your mo jo is back. Your mom's embossed leaves came out beautiful. I'm really pining for Louet Eggplant and hoping that Sheri gets it back in soon.

SJ said...

Beautiful socks! I just finished the first of my own Embossed Leaves Socks last night (coincidentally, I'm also using Louet Gems), but having heard about the weirdness with the pattern I'm just knitting them the way I'd knit any sock -- joining in the round from the beginning and not cutting the yarn until I'm ready to weave in the end from the toe! I suppose the designer must have had some good reason for the "cuff notch" and cutting the yarn after turning the heel, but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is.

Angela said...

LOve that sock keychain, that's great. The socks you made for your mom are lovely. I also recently started my first pair of Jaywalkers!!