Friday, May 11, 2007

Not fog. Smoke.

I have actual knitting photos to show you - as soon as I can take them. Right now my little corner of the world is a little smoky and not conducive to photo taking. The smoke from the wildfires (over 100 miles away, mind you) came in very suddenly about an hour ago. I had all the windows open, plus the back door was open for the dogs. It is now hazy inside my house, too. I hope my finished but damp from blocking socks, mom's Mother's Day present, don't smell like a campfire.

Here's a view near me. I was going to walk to a more picturesque area of my neighborhood, but after 30 seconds of being outside my eyes were screaming, "It burns! It burns!!!"

Sasha, cooped up inside until the smoke clears, is bored after being in the house for 10 minutes. This is what I call her "summer pose": cooling her belly and in general not looking lady-like at all. I can tell from her expression that she is planning and plotting some sort of sabotage to be revealed later in the day.

Coming tomorrow (if the smoke clears): knitting! I have finished socks to show you! Plus, new WIPs and the most awesome-ist stitch markers - ever!


The Gadabout Knitter said...

Hmmm... I'm guessing that you live in the same state that I live in. We have some terrible smoke up here too. I just hope that it doesn't spread much more.

Anonymous said...

I heard on our news yesterday that normal air particulate count is 8 to 9/ppb.

Yesterday it was 189/ppb!

Right now it's not so bad and the guys are outside doing yardwork. This afternoon the smoke is supposed to roll back in. (YUCK!)

Hope you get some clear air soon so that we can admire your knitting.

Lorena said...

Oh, I hear ya with the smoke! There may be some good news on the horizon though. Right now (5:39) it's pitch black up here and for the first time in weeks it's not because of the smoke... it's raining! Big, heavy, slow drops. I hope this is the start of the end of the fires!

KBlicious said...

omg, the smoke!!!! my car is COVERED in ash! i thought pollen was bad. sasha looks precious, i want to kiss her face!!!!

Opal said...

OMG! That looks terrible! I hope you all are taking care!