Monday, August 6, 2007


Sockapalooza 4 socks are finished! These are Poseiden socks knit with J. Knits in Newburyport. I hope she likes these. I'm slightly self-conscious about my – ummm – less than perfect short row heels. When I ordered the yarn I didn't expect the color to be so bright. She said she likes pink and purple and she's gettin' it! I haven't seen too many bloggers talk about J. Knits. I lurve. The colors are gorgeous. The two pairs of socks I've made with it are so soft and comfortable. I'm definitely ordering more.

While the socks dry from their bath (I assume she doesn't want dog hair on her new socks so I gave them a thorough washing) I compiled a little package to send with them. I made a little sock band to wrap around the socks which I'm quite proud of if I do say so myself.

I knew I'd be even later than I already am with Sockapalooza if I let myself start reading THE BOOK. Yesterday I finally let myself take THE BOOK out of the Amazon box. Yep, I didn't even trust myself to open the box. So two weeks later I'm ready to join the party (it's cool to be late to parties):

You know I'm kidding about sitting on my front porch in August wearing wool socks, right? This is just for show. I finished these socks a few weeks ago. It's hot enough outside to make grown men weep. I sat inside with the A/C and with as little light as possible. It is stinkin' hot here. This is what my Sunday looked like:

Sasha on my right, admiring the beginnings of some Horcrux socks.

Betty on my left, cooling her belly (there is a fan above her).

Jackson doesn't "cuddle" in the summer. He spent the day under an A/C vent in another part of the house.


Opal said...

i adore those sockapalooza socks! you've got a very lucky pal.

sasha and betty look very content. what a way to spend a sunday then with 2 of your best pals and a great book!

Phoebe said...

OMG...the socks are absolutely gorgeous!!!! You know that I've been dying to try JKnits but waiting for the Tampa and Kansas colorways to sneak up at Sheri's. Oh and btw, I'm tagging you for a blogging tips meme. Enjoy Harry!

Megan said...

I like the socks a lot, but I LOVE those knit socks notecards!!

Michalooney said...

Thank you thank you! The socks are so soft and wonderful. I am indeed lucky.

Brenda said...

Wonderful socks! Your pal will love them.

Great pics of your dogs. I'm half way through THE BOOK. I wish I could knit and read simultaneously.

Christine said...

I just bought some bea-u-ti-ful J. Knits in an amazing gray on Friday. It is like silver, it is so lovely! Mmmm... I can't WAIT to knit with it!

Your socks turned out so lovely! Fabulous!