Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Sockapalooza socks crossed the pond

If you happened to be passing my house on Monday afternoon (noonish), you may have seen me rip open a package and squeal with delight. Then you may have seen me breathlessly running down my street, a sock clutched in each hand, shouting, "People, there are beads on the socks! Beads. On. The. Socks!" Okay, maybe I didn't do that last part, but I wanted to.

The socks are from Liz. She also sent me a postcard of her area in the U.K. and a gorgeous felted rose brooch. Oooh, I've got just the jacket for the brooch.

The socks are beautiful; the pattern, the color, the fit, the beads... everything. The main pattern is Kew (from Knitty); the turned down cuff is Liz's brilliant addition. As are the beads. Can you see the beads around the cuff in my photos? On her blog (which has a fabulous photo of the socks) she mentions she added the beads to look like raindrops on leaves; like a summer rain in England. How brilliant is that?

The yarn is Fyberspates from Wales. I like that this new-to-me yarn was made closer to her than me. Aren't the colors gorgeous? I took at look at their website; they have some great colorways.

I thought these socks deserved more than my standard "socks on ottoman on front porch" photo. I enlisted the help of my stepmother. It was her first time photographing socks (she kept instructing my feet to "work the camera, girls").

First I took them to the park:

Then I took them to see downtown St. Petersburg. They especially enjoyed the waterfront and the view of the marina:

I hope they feel right at home here. I am one lucky gal. Thank you, Liz!


Alyson said...

Those are really gorgeous!!

Opal said...

Wow! Those are beautiful! I love the beads on the cuff. They add just the right amount of glitter.

a blossom knits said...

Okay, now those are the absolute, hands down, most beautiful socks I have EVER seen. I'm not kidding. Un-be-lievable. Liz, if you are reading these comments -- WE NEED THE PATTERN AND DETAILS!!!! Will pay, will clean your house, will scoop the cat or dog poo . . . you name it.

Brenda said...

Beautiful socks! Your feet worked the camera well. ;)

Susan said...


Those are gorgeous! Beautiful colorway too ;)

Patricia said...

Isn't it wonderful when a total stranger takes the trouble to make a gift so exquisite. I can tell that those socks are really something special. You gave those socks some first class photo ops.

thomasina said...

I've posted details on how to do the beaded cast on and the turn-down cuff (which are the only adjustments to the original Kew pattern) at

Liz x

Phoebe said...

In awe of those socks. Holy cow! And the pics definitely show them off...I'm sure that they enjoyed sightseeing! Is the yarn BFL? One lucky gal you are! And the brooch...perfecto!